Proveca Ltd is a specialist UK pharmaceutical company developing and licensing off-patent medicines to improve the lives of children in Europe, many of whom have chronic conditions requiring long term drug treatment.

Proveca was established in 2010 by Dr Helen Shaw, MBChB and Dr Simon Bryson, PhD, to bring much needed licensed medicines to children throughout Europe. Currently, 50-90% of the medicines children take are in the wrong format and/or are not licensed for their use.

Proveca are leading the way in licensing children's medicines using the European regulatory framework, the Paediatric Use Marketing Authorisation (PUMA) process. The regulation was specifically designed to increase the number of off-patent medicines being developed and licensed for children.  

Proveca seek to provide children with the medicines they need in an appropriate format and with a valid licence throughout Europe. Utilising the experiences and needs of children, their carers and their doctors Proveca seek to tailor the features and benefits of its products to the specific requirements of children.